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Difference between Armoured Cable and Unarmoured Cable

What is the Difference between an Armoured Cable and an Unarmoured Cable?

Choosing the correct cable type for safety and efficiency is essential when setting up electrical systems. Understanding the main reasons for electrical cable failure is also important. As electricity advances, more cables are used in different environments or conditions, but wait..., have you ever thought, what if in bad conditions/situations? Then, it becomes more critical to ensure your cables run smoothly and reliably when transferring electrical energy. An armoured cable made of metal provides an extra layer of protection against damage caused by various factors.

Along with this, there are many more benefits of Armoured Cable. But the unarmored cables don't have any of these benefits. Then what's the difference between both of them? And which one to choose? Let's read all the main differences between an Armoured Cable and an Unarmoured Cable.

Key Differences between an Armoured Cable and an Unarmoured Cable

Aspect Armoured Cable Unarmoured Cable
Level of Protection Armoured Cable has an additional level of protection made of metal, protecting it from physical damage, moisture, and other environmental factors. There is no external protective layer in unarmoured cable, which makes it more vulnerable to damage from external factors.
Cost Armoured cables are more expensive due to the additional protective layer. Unarmoured cable doesn't have any kind of protective layer, which is why it is less expensive.
Applications Armoured cables are suitable for use in hazardous environments, such as underground installations, areas with high moisture levels, and areas prone to mechanical damage. Unarmoured cables are suitable for less demanding applications, such as inside walls or other protected locations.
Underground Installation Armoured Cables are ideal for direct burial and laying underground, protecting against environmental factors. Unarmoured cables are unsuitable for burial or use in other applications and installations.
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Armoured Cable or Unarmoured Cable? Which One to Choose?

Armoured Cables provide superior strength and protection. Due to their robust construction, these cables are safe and reliable and also offer installation flexibility. However, they have higher costs compared to unarmored cables due to the extra layers of protection. Unarmoured cables lack protection and have higher risks of damage, but they are budget-friendly as they don't offer any protection, just like Armoured Cables. To select the best quality cables, always consider the best cable manufacturer that meets your needs.

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