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Applications and Benefits of Armoured Cable

What is Armoured Cable? Applications and Benefits of Armoured Cable

In the electric installation, giving priority to safety and longevity comes first. Here is the role of selecting the best cable comes. Otherwise, it will cause electric cable failure. The armoured cable comes under this to fulfil all the requirements without mishap or damage. These cables are used primarily in power transmission, distribution and industrial applications. In this blog article, we will read about What Is Armoured Cable? What are the applications and benefits of armoured cable? So let's begin.

What is Armoured Cable?

An armoured cable, also known as a strip wire armoured cable has an additional layer of protection, typically made of metal, to safeguard it from damage caused by external mechanical forces, chemical corrosion, or other environmental factors. In simple words, an electric cable has a metal protective covering. Adding a mechanical protection layer to the cable structure enhances its strength and improves corrosion resistance.

What are the Applications of Armoured Cable?

There are the following applications of Armoured Cable.

  • Underground Installations: Armoured cables are commonly used underground because they can handle tough conditions in the soil. They are great at protecting against moisture, chemicals, and physical damage. That's why they are perfect for distributing power underground and lighting streets.

  • Suitability for Outdoor Environments: To ensure consistent efficiency and power across outdoor conditions, armoured cables must be used to prevent exposure to factors such as UV radiation, water, and mechanical threats.

  • Industrial and Construction Sites: In industrial and construction sites filled with heavy machinery and operations, armoured cables are very popular. They keep electricity flowing safely and without interruption. These cables can handle the intense pressure from machinery, making them perfect for powering factories, warehouses, construction sites, and other tough industrial settings.

  • Power Distribution: Power distribution in commercial and industrial buildings requires reliable and durable wiring solutions to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply. Armoured cables are commonly chosen for this task due to their ability to withstand the demanding conditions of these environments. Their tough/strong construction and protective armour assure mechanical stress, making them ideal for safely transmitting power throughout large commercial complexes and industrial facilities.
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What are the Benefits of Armoured Cable?

There are the following benefits of Armoured Cable.

  • High-Temperature Resistance: Armoured cables can survive in high temperatures, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Enhanced Mechanical Strength: Armoured cables are capable of handling stronger mechanical forces, which also protect against external impact damage, and provide a continuous supply of power.

  • Anti-Electromagnetic Interference: Strong anti-electromagnetic interference properties of armoured cables improve power transmission stability and reduce electrical system interruptions.

  • Ensures Durability: Armoured cables are constructed in such a way that guarantees longevity and resilience against various environmental factors and stresses. This durability ensures that the cables can maintain their functionality and structural integrity over an extended period, providing reliable performance in electrical installations.

  • Flexibility: Whether it's indoor or outdoor applications, armoured cables can handle various power requirements and environmental conditions, offering reliable performance across diverse settings.

  • Cost Effective: At the initial level, armoured cables may be more expensive to purchase than standard cables but they prove to be a wise investment over time. Their reduced maintenance needs, extended lifespan, and additional safety features make them a financially efficient choice in the long term.


When it comes to electrical installations, armoured cables provide a durable and reliable option that promotes longevity and safety first. They can survive a range of environmental difficulties because of their protective covering, which guarantees an uninterrupted power supply in an array of conditions. Their benefits further enhance their reliability. Although initially, they may incur a higher cost, their durability, reduced maintenance needs, and added safety benefits make them a wise long-term investment. Armoured cables prove indispensable in modern electrical systems, providing stability and confidence in power transmission. Choosing a reputable and top armoured cable manufacturer is essential to ensure the highest standards of safety and performance.

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