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Stock Exchange Filings

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BSE Reg 74(5) Mar 21

BSE_Closure of trading window 31.03.2021

BSE Closure of trading window 30.06.2021

BSE Closure of trading window 30.09.2021

BSE Closure of trading window 31.12.2021

Compliance Certificate PCS 31.03.2021

Compliance Certificate RTA 31.03.2021

CRA Reaffirmation 13.03.2021

Not Large Corporate_Initial 31.03.2021

Reg 74(5) 31.03.2021

RSCA 31.03.2021

Intimation Of Commencement Of Commercial Production At Reengus

Intimation Board Meeting 13.11.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting

Outcome of Board Meeting 13.11.2019

Outcome of Board Meeting 05.09.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 13.11.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 14.06.2018

Outcome of Board Meeting 21.05.2018

BSE Intimation

Proceeding AGM 2018

Proceeding EOGM 14.06.2018

Announcement Reg-30_Trading Window closure

Announcement under Reg-30_Award

Announcement under Reg 30_Order

Announcement under Reg 30_Trading Window closure 03.04.2019

Announcement under SEBI Circular_Large Corporates

Announcement UPSI Policy 1.04.2019

Book closure 12th AGM

CC Reg 7(3) 30.06.2019

Certificate under Reg 74(5) 30.09.2019

Intimation of Board Meeting 29.05.2019

Newspaper Publication 12th AGM


Proceeding of 12th AGM

Outcome of Board Meeting 23.12.2019

Pre Intimation of trading window closure 31.03.2020

Proceeding 1-2019-20 EOGM 16.01.2020

Reafffirmation of Credit rating 13.02.2020

Registration letter RDSO Ministry of Railways

RSCA 31.03.2020


Complaince (Reg 40) 30.03.2018

Compliance - Appointment Additional Director

Compliance - Award of Order

Compliance - Book Closure

Compliance - Change in Directorate

Compliance - EOGM Notice 14.06.2018

Compliance - Newspaper Publication

Compliance - Notice EOGM 14.06.2018

Compliance (Reg 30) AEO Certiicate

Compliance (Reg 30) Appointment_Casual Vacancy

Compliance (Reg 30) CRA revision

Compliance (Reg 30) Resignation of Director

Compliance (Reg 30) Statutory Auditor_Appointment

Compliance (Reg 32) Statement of Deviation

Compliance (Reg 40) 30.09.2018

Compliance Certificate 30.06.2019

Compliance Certificate 30.09.2019

Compliance Certificate PCS 31.03.2020

13th AGM 2019-20 Notice

Intimation of Book closure for final dividend 2019-20

Outcome BM 02.09.2020

Scrutinzer Report Migration BSE 20082020

Outcome of 13th AGM 30.09.2020

BM Intimation 12.11.2020

Outcomeof BM 12-11-2020

Appointment of Director_SS Punia

Outcome BM 13.02.2021

BM Intimation13022021

Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2020-21

BM Intimation 03.11.2021

BM Intimation 08.08.2021

BM Intimation 12.01.2022

BM Intimation 12.11.2020

BSE Intimation Regulation 30 Agreement with Media Company DCL

BSE Intimation UR 30 Credit Rating

BSE Intimation UR 30 Revision in Credit Rating

BSE Cessation_Appointment_CS_DCL

BSE Intimation 30(5) DCL

BSE Intimation UR 30_Withdrawl of Credit Rating

Initial disclosure by LC_DCL_2022

Reg 7(3)_March 2022_DCL

Reg 40 (9)_March 2022_DCL

Reg 74(5)_March 2022_DCL

BM Intimation for FR 2021-22_30.05.22

BSE Intimation_Change in RTA Registered Office Address_DCL

BSE Intimation_ID_DCL

BSE_Reg 76_March 2022_DCL

Outcome BM 30.05.2022

Press Release Q4FY22

SCR 2021-22_ DCL

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