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MVC Conductor (MVCC)

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Medium Voltage Covered Conductors up to 36KV

Medium Voltage Covered Conductors are developed to improve the reliability of the distribution of electricity. The concept of covered conductor has proven to be extremely functional and reliable. It consists of a conductor surrounded by a covering made of insulating material as protection against accidental contacts with other covered conductors and with grounded parts such as tree branches, etc. Medium voltage covered conductors are produced in voltage rating between 6.6KV to 33KV. The applicable standards for MVCC are IEC: 61089/ IS: 398 Part-II/ BS EN: 50182/50397.

  • Reduced Conductor Slashing.
  • Reduced right of way.
  • Reduce power interruptions and outage.
  • No interruptions by contact of tree branches or creepers.
  • Reduced operation and maintenance cost.
  • No faults due to clashing of phase conductors during wind and stormy conditions.
  • Better reliability under bad weather conditions like heavy snow fall, windy or stormy conditions.
  • Protect big birds and animals: Peacocks, Flamingos, Elephants etc.
  • Phase to Phase conductor distance can be reduced which can reduce the tower related costs.
  • Negligible Leakage Current on surface of the Covered Conductors.
  • Covered conductor is self-supporting and can have pole spans of 60 to 70 meters.
  • Increasing the power distribution network reliability.
  • Effectively used in difficult terrain and in densely populated areas.
  • Lower total cost of ownership over the life cycle compared to underground cables or Areal Bunched Cables.
  • Same corridor of an old bare overhead line can be used for covered conductors.
  • The pole man span of ABC cables are short, as the full cable weight has to be carried by a single messenger conductor.
  • Ideal for installation in forest areas and bird sanctuaries.
  • Cheaper alternative to underground cables and ABC cables.

Conductor (MVCC) is becoming as one of the best replacement of Over Head Bare Conductor (ACSR) and Aerial Bunched cable in power transmission and distribution system in some part of the world. The uses of Covered Conductor which is similar like SAC (Space Arial Bunch Cables) are seen in South Korea, Japan, Iran, Myanmar and some parts of Australia. It has a very successful journey so far.

  • Covered Conductor is extensively used in voltage up gradation projects ranging between 6.6KV to 33 KV.
  • Covered Conductors can function smoothly with conductor temperature up to 80ºC and in corrosive and highly polluted area.
  • The outer jackets of covered conductors being UV resistant, it can be used in high UV radiation areas.
  • Covered Conductors fulfill the demands in extreme cold environment with heavy snow and ice load.

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