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MV Aerial Bunched Cable

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Medium Voltage Aerial Bunched Cable

ABC Cables are highly reliable and insulation has been developed to withstand head cold and intense sunlight. Disturbance and faults occur five to ten times more often in open wire lines than in ABC Lines. There is no risk in touching the live cable and the insulation reduces the number of short circuits and over-voltage faults in overhead cables during thunderstorms. Few hardware accessories are needed as each one can be used with different sizes of cables. This makes installation and storage easier.

  • Less fault rate on Account of good protection against line and ground faults.
  • High Insulation resistance to earth in all seasons and polluted atmosphere. Negligible leakage currents and low losses.
  • Better adaptability to run concurrently with existing overhead bare conductor system without any interference.
  • High Capacitance and low inductance leading to low Impedance of lines.
  • Lower voltage drop, higher current carrying capacities vis-a-vis better voltage regulation.
  • ABC Cables are much safer than bare Conductors.
  • It can be overhung in dense vegetation and forest areas.
  • Additional connections can be easily and quickly made with hotline connectors.
  • Overall lines cost is reduced & maintenance is very convenient.
  • Very difficult to tap the AB cables, thus reducing theft which leads to lower distribution loses.
  • Since the tension from the current carrying conductor is totally removed by introduction of messenger wire. The operating temperature of the conductor is 90° C as against 75t of the bare conductor under tension thereby allowing ABC to carry Current equivalent to that of bare conductor of the same size.
  • In electricity theft prone areas.
  • As placement of bare lines in rural areas & narrow streets with limited space.
  • As placement of bare lines where reliabilities of power supply is of prime importance.
  • In hilly terrains where cost of erection of overhead lines or underground cable becomes very high.
  • As reinforcement of existing system with increase in voltage/current carrying capacity.

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