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ACSR Conductors

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Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductors

Looking to the need greater strength to weight ratio ACSR is first choice of designers and therefore the use of ACSR has gone up consistently. Experiments have proved that stranding of high purity Aluminium conducting portion around a steelcore produce better results. The Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) is a conductor, combining the light weight high current capacity of aluminium with high strength of a galvanized steel core wire. The Aluminium members are standard around thegalvanized steel core, the core may be solid or stranded and the Aluminium may be arranged in one or more layers depending on the size and strength of conductor required.

  • High Conductivity
  • High Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Lightness
  • Resistance to Atmospheric Attack and very low Maintenance
  • Better behavior in contact with other materials .
  • A.C.S.R. conductors are widely used for electrical power transmission over long distances, since they are ideal for Long overhead lines spans. They are also used as a messenger for supporting overhead electrical cables.

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