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AAA Conductor

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All Aluminium Alloy Conductors

The use of AAAC is increasing fast for transmission and distribution purposes and is now gradualy replacing AAC/ACSR due to its various advantages over traditional AAC/ACSR Conductors. The main features of AAAC are reduced line losses, increased span. Longer life, homogeneous character and its anticorrosion properties. AAA Conductors is a new concept for energy conservation.

  • AAAC exhibits excellent corrosion resistance especially in sea coast areas and in polluted industrial areas due to absence of steel core.
  • Since MAC is homogeneous (with strands of Aluminium Alloy) with no steel component the resistance of AAAC is lower as compared to ACSR.
  • AAAC can carry at least 15-20% extra current as compared to ACSR of equal size.
  • Experience in foreign countries shows that All Aluminium Alloy Conductors are in service for over 60 years, which is about double the life of ACSR Conductors.
  • The surface hardness of AAAC is 80 BHN as compared to 35 BHN of ACSR.
  • This reduces the damage to surface during handling and therefore leading to lesser corona losses and ratio interference at EHV.
  • AAAC are stable up to 90 C against ACSR conductors which are stable up to 75 C.
  • Since AAAC has higher strength to weight ratio, span can be increased from 2 to 15% as in case of ACSR resulting in overall reduction of cost in towers supports and other accessories in transmission line system.
  • A.A.A.C. are mainly used for overhead lines, in transmission and distribution electrical networks, having relatively long spans. They are also used a messenger to support overhead electrical cables.

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