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What is the Purpose of a Screen in MV Cables?

Medium (MV) cables are essential components of power transmission systems that distribute electricity from power substations to transformer stations. These cables are designed with various layers and components to ensure their safe and reliable operation.

Purpose of a Screen in MV Cables

One of the critical components in MV cables is the screen, which plays a vital role in protecting the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring safety and enhancing cable performance. In this blog article, we will read about the purpose of a screen in (Medium Voltage) MV cables.

The purpose of a screen in medium voltage (MV) cables are as follows:

  • Cable Core Protection: The insulation shielding in medium voltage cables serves to protect the cable core from both mechanical damage and external electromagnetic interference.

  • Enhanced Durability: The semiconductor shielding layer within the medium voltage cable insulation not only balances the electric field to prevent partial discharge but also enhances the overall durability of the cable, thereby extending its service life.

  • Improved Transmission Performance: Through effective insulation and shielding, medium voltage cables can significantly reduce transmission loss and crosstalk interference, thereby enhancing overall transmission performance and stability.

  • Safety Assurance: Insulation and shielding in medium voltage cables play a crucial role in preventing accidents such as fires and electric shocks. This ensures the safety of both the power system and personnel working with or around the cables.


The screen in medium voltage (MV) cables serves multiple important functions. It protects the cable core from both physical damage and external electromagnetic interference, ensuring the cable's longevity and reliability. Additionally, the screen helps to improve transmission performance by minimizing loss and interference, thereby enhancing the stability of power distribution systems. Most importantly, the insulation and shielding provided by the screen contribute significantly to the safety of both the power infrastructure and the personnel involved. Overall, the presence of a screen in MV cables is crucial for ensuring efficient, reliable, and safe electricity transmission. Medium Voltage (MV) cable manufacturers aim to produce medium voltage cables that deliver uninterrupted power supply to consumers.

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