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What Are the Main Reasons for Wire and Cable Insulation Breakdown?

Wire and cable insulation is essential for the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing electrical currents from escaping and ensuring the systems function correctly without causing short circuits or other hazards. However, insulation breakdown is a common issue that can lead to significant problems such as equipment failure, electrical fires, and safety risks.

Understanding the main reasons behind wire and cable insulation breakdown is crucial for preventing electrical cable failure and maintaining reliable electrical systems. This article will explore the factors contributing to insulation failure, helping you identify and address potential problems before they escalate. By learning about these causes, you can better protect your electrical installations and ensure their longevity.

Main Reasons for Wire and Cable Insulation Breakdown

There are the following reasons why wire and cable insulation can break down. These reasons are as follows.

  • External Damage: External damage is a common cause of insulation breakdown. It can occur due to mechanical damage during installation, improper handling, or exposure to environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals or extreme temperatures. For example, if a cable is not secured correctly during installation, it may be prone to damage from mechanical stress or environmental factors, leading to insulation breakdown.

  • Accidental Impact: Heavy objects, such as those handled by construction equipment like excavators, can accidentally strike and damage cables. This impact can crush the insulation, exposing the internal wires.

  • Excessive Bending: Bending cables too sharply can injure the insulation. The insulation can crack or tear when cables are bent beyond their recommended bend radius, compromising the protective barrier.

  • Improper Installation: The bottom layer of buried cables can be too firm or sharp, causing damage to the insulation or even breaking the cable. Ensuring the installation environment is suitable and accessible to harsh elements is crucial for maintaining cable integrity.

  • Overload Operation: Overload operation is another significant cause of insulation breakdown. When a cable is subjected to excessive current, it can cause the insulation to heat up, leading to degradation and eventual breakdown. This is particularly common in hot summer months when the temperature rise of the cable can lead to the first insulation breakdown.

  • Ageing of Insulation: Over time, the insulation material of cables can get worse due to prolonged (long) operation. Poor heat dissipation or electrical overload can cause the insulation to become brittle or break. This degradation negatively impacts the electrical and mechanical properties of the cable. Cables should be periodically tested for preventive withstand voltage to manage this issue. If tests reveal that the insulation has degraded to a point where it no longer meets safety requirements, the cable should be replaced with a new one to ensure continued safe operation.

  • Damp Insulation: Damp insulation is another significant cause of insulation breakdown. This occurs when moisture enters the insulation through poor construction or environmental factors. Moisture can cause insulation to degrade over time, leading to electrical faults and potential fires.

Let’s sum up

Understanding the main reasons for wire and cable insulation breakdown is essential for maintaining the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. The reasons mentioned above are significant factors that can compromise the integrity of wire and cable insulation. By being aware of these causes and taking proactive measures, such as proper installation, regular testing, and appropriate protective methods, you can prevent insulation breakdown and ensure the longevity of your electrical installations.

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