Quality Assurance

At Dynamic Cables, quality is not just a product centric vision but an Omni-organizational vision. With a firm belief that quality begins and ends with people, the management has inculcated a quality culture in the very thought process of the organization.

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At Dynamic our philosophy on quality is simple — meet or exceed our clients expectations through continuous quality improvement and by building our work right the first time.


We do this by executing a formal quality program designed to ensure we:

Meet requirements. We create work plans that describe the means and methods of performing our work. Pre-activity meetings com­municate how our work plans fulfill contract, design and client requirements.

Exceed clients’ expectations. We listen and act upon clients’ concerns. We treat clients with respect and are transparent in our dealings. Our goal is to build long-term trusting relationships with our clients at all levels.

Eliminate rework. We identify and immediately report quality issues when­ever they occur. If there is an issue, root cause analysis is performed to elimi­nate the causes of quality issues and prevent future occurrence.

Demonstrate continuous quality improvement. By consistently focusing on quality, we commit to excel­lence in all that we do. We encourage new and in­novative ideas to enhance our performance.

Build work right the first time. Our work is continually checked by the supervisors and craftsmen who build the work, ensuring it is built “right the first time.”

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