Low Voltage Cross Linked Polyethylene Cables

Main Features

LT-XLPE cables are manufactured as per IS: 7098/ part1 suitable for continuous conductor temperature of 90c and short circuit 250c. ‘DYNAMIC’ LT-XLPE cables have excellent Electrical, mechanical and Thermal properties, surpassing those of conventional polymeric dielectrics . The superior properties of XLPE have led to lower insulation thickness, high current capacity, reduced weight and dimension. ‘DYNAMIC’ LT-XLPE Cable is the economic solution for low tension power distribution with high efficiency and total reliability.



Power station, industrial units, projects and power transmission and distributions.


LV-XLPE Cables have longer life as compared to conventional PVC Cables.

  • LV-XLPE Cables have a higher conductor temperature rating i.e. 90°C against 70°C PVC Cables.
  • LV-XLPE Cables have a higher emergency Overload capacity 130°C.
  • Max. Temperature limit under short circuit conditions for LV-XLPE Cables is 250°C against 160°C PVC Cables. Hence XLPE Cables have higher short Circuit Rating.
  • Insulation Resistance of LV-XLPE Cable is excellent & superior to identical PVC Cables.
  • LV-XLPE Cables have high corrosion resistance in polluted atmosphere.
  • LV-XLPE Cables have better properties of resistance to chemical and corrosive gases.
  • LV-XLPE Cables have low installation cost because of light weight dimensions and are far more flexible.
  • LV-XLPE Cables have better properties to withstand vibrations, hot impacts.
  • Jointing of LV-XLPE Cables is easier and quicker.

LV-XLPE Cable Product Code (As Per IS:7098 Part-I)

Constituent Code
AIuminium Conductor A
XLPE Insulation 2X
Round Steel Wire W
FIat Steel Strip Armour F
Double Round Steel Wire Armour WW
Double Flat Steel Strip Armour FF
Non Magnetic (Al) Round Wire Armour WA
Non Magnetic (Al) Strip Armour FA
PVC Outer Sheath  Y

LV-XLPE Cable Operating Characteristics

1. Max. Conductor Temperature for continuous operation : 90°C
2. Ambient Air Temperature : 40°C
3. Standard Ground Temperature : 30°C
4. Thermal Resistivity of Soil : 150°C Cm/Watt
5. Thermal Resistivity : 350°C Cm/Watt
6. Depth of Laying (for Cables laid direct in ground) : 75 CM
7.Minimum Bending Radius (for Multi Core Cables) : 12D (D-Dia Cable)
8. Max. Conductor temperature during short circuit : 250°C
9. Maximum Ambient, Air temperature : 85°C
10. Types of Installation  
  • 3 Core Cable - Installed Independently
  • Single Core Cable - Three Core in trefoil touching each other.


LV XLPE cables manufactured by Dynamic Cables meets the requirements of all international standards like ASTM, BS, IEC, NFC, etc.
We can manufacture & supply LV XLPE cables on Non-returnable wooden/steel reels or Returnable steel reels.

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