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Ohmni Robot

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Social Distancing using TP robot during Covid-19

What is a Telepresence Robot / Teleporting Solution?

These systems, which were primarily used in the context of promoting social interaction between people, have now become increasingly popular within certain application domains such as health care environments, independent living for the elderly, office environments, R&D collaboration and manufacturing plant process monitoring. They aid us in the production of our products and allow us to consistently deliver high quality wires and cables. Recently, TP robots have found applications in working environments where humans cannot work continuously e.g.: cold storage depots.

Telepresence Robots for process inspection and clean room operations

TP robots can be effectively used in plant process inspections and work well in clean room scenarios.

Below are some citations for clean room process monitoring using Telepresence robots.

  • TP robots can significantly reduce the number of in-person visits required to the clean room.
  • Most of the inspection can be done remotely while having 360 degree view of the clean room operations.
  • Users spend quite a lot of time preparing for clean room entry. TP robot is a wonderful tool save on the preparation and sanitization time.
  • Artiligent offers Ohmi Telepresence Robot for process inspections and clean rooms operations considering below.
  • Floor contact of Ohmni bot is minimal compared to other TP robots.
  • The robot has been tested to be cleaned using hydrogen peroxide solutions without any cosmetic damages.
  • Ohmni uses brushless motors for silent operation. Whisper quiet and smooth motion.
  • To avoid contamination, robots should be used and charged within the clean room.
  • Ultra-responsive tilting neck to have ceiling to floor view of the site
  • Foldable design to easily carry the robot within the site.
  • Ohmni is built using 3D printed polymers and anodized aluminium suitable for clean room operation
  • The Robot entire form factor (plastics and metal) is 3d printed. Two recent studies** – one on chemical compatibility and the other on particle generation – demonstrate that 3D-printed objects are not notable contamination sources, and hence, are equally suitable for use in clean rooms as the commercial equivalents.

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