Medium Voltage Cross linked Polyethylene Cables (11KV- 36KV)


Our XLPE (Crosslinked Polyethylene) Cables are manufactured as per IS:7098/Part-II to be suitable for conductor temperature of 90°C and short circuit temperature 250°C. Our MV-XLPE Cables have excellent Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal properties passing those of conventional polymeric dielectrics due to which MV-XLPE cables can be used extensive in Power Stations, Industrial Units, Projects and Power Transmission and Distributions. The superior properties of XLPE have led to lower insulation thickness, high current carrying capacity, reduced weight and dimension. MV-XLPE Cables is the economic solution for low tension power distribution with high efficiency and total reliability.


Main Features

  • MV XLPE Cables have longer life as compared to conventional PVC Cables.
  • MV XLPE Cables have a higher conductor temperature rating i.e. 90°C.
  • MV XLPE Cables have a higher emergency Overload capacity 120°C.
  • Max. Temperature limit under short circuit conditions for HT-XLPE Cables is 250°C. Hence XLPE Cables have higher short Circuit Rating.
  • Insulation Resistance of  MV XLPE Cable is excellent & superior to identical PVC Cables.
  • MV XLPE Cables have high corrosion resistance in polluted atmosphere.
  • MV XLPE Cables have better properties of resistance to chemical and corrosive gases.
  • MV-XLPE Cables have low installation cost because of light weight dimensions and are far more flexible.
  • MV-XLPE Cables have better properties to withstand vibrations, hot impacts.
  • Jointing of HT-XLPE Cables is easier and quicker.

MV-XLPE Cable Product Code (As Per IS:7098 Part-II)

Constituent Code
AIuminium Conductor A
XLPE Insulation


Round Steel Wire


FIat Steel Strip Armour


Double Round Steel Wire Armour WW

Double Flat Steel Strip Armour

Non Magnetic (Al) Round Wire Armour WA

Non Magnetic (Al) Strip Armour

PVC Outer Sheath


MV-XLPE Cable Operating Characteristics

Max. Conductor Temperature for continuous operation : 90°C
 Ambient Air Temperature : 40°C
 Standard Ground Temperature : 30°C
 Thermal Resistivity of Soil : 150°C CM/Watt
 Thermal Resistivity : 350°C CM/Watt
 Depth of Laying (for Cables laid direct in ground) : 75 CM
Minimum Bending Radius (for Multi Core Cables) : 12D (D-Dia Cable)
 Max. Conductor temperature during short circuit : 250°C
 Maximum Ambient, Air temperature : 85°C


AAAC manufactured by Dynamic Cables meets the requirements of all international standards like ASTM, BS, IEC, NFC, etc.

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